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Sunly the best solar storage battery supplier offers powerful home energy system either residential or commercial for power backup and energy storage.  We have designed, developed, and manufactured high-quality solar battery storage systems and equipment that not only optimize performance but meet the requirements of OEM batteries partners. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of the best home power backup solution, it assures the safest and best match for your application.

Solar Energy Battery Storage Specification

As a cost effective alternative to the battery brands like Tesla, Alpha, Huawei, Puredrive energy, GivEnergy AC. Sunly supplies the solar storage batteries including setups like charge/discharge in KW, storage capacity, cycle life, AC/DC coupled options. 

Why Sunly home energy storage battery

Sunly solar backup battery are manufactured under the best manufacturing battery plant, empowered by the quality battery system and expert battery design and wide battery tests and solution requirements.


Non-toxic and non-hazardous recylcable materials

Long lifespan

cycle life as long as 15-20 years

High efficient

Modular system allows storage capactiy to be easily expandable as power needs increase

Easy to Use

Compatible with all solar PV and wind turbine systems, can be rack mounted or wall mounted in a dead space area of your home / business.

Compact Design

A neat all-in-one, wall-mounted slim design


Easily add capacity in the future from 5kWh to 24kWh

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Cannot Find Your Ideal Battery Pack?

Sunly as a certified custom battery pack manufacturer delivers custom rechargeable battery pack services that fit customers’ lithium battery requirements  helping you build your own lithium battery packs no matter which application you are in need of

Customization OptionsDetails
BMS Functions
  • Communication Protocol (SMBus, CAN)

  • Communication Protection

  • SOC Indicator

  • Current Detection

  • Abnormal Log

  • Self-Inspection

  • Using Time Record

Charge Management Options
  • Charging Over-Voltage Protection
  • Charging Over-Current Protection
  • Charging Over-Temperature Alarm/Protection
  • Charging Low-Temperature Alarm/Protection
  • Abnormal Voltage Gap Warning
  • Charging Short Circuit Alarm/Protection
  • Self-Balancing
Discharge Management
  • Discharging Over-Current Protection
  • Discharging Under-Voltage Protection
  • Battery No-Load Protection
  • Discharging Short Circuit Alarm/Protection
  • Discharging Over-temperature Alarm/Protection
  • Discharge Low-Temperature Alarm/Protection
Other Functions
  • Self-Heating Technology for Low Temperature
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption
  • Reverse Connection Protection
  • Self-Discharging in Fully Charged Storage
Customization OptionsDetails
Lithium Battery Shapes
  • Round lithium battery
  • Curved lithium battery
  • Thin lithium battery
Lithium Battery dimension
  • Customizable 
Lithium Battery Configuration
  • battery voltage
  • battery capacity
  • battery current rating
  • battery temperature
  • battery energy density
Performance Certification & Standard
  • GB/T182287
  • UL
  • CE
  • RO
  • UN38
  • MS
  • FCC
  • KC
Customization OptionsDetails
Lithium Battery Materials
  • PC
  • ABS+P
  • ABS
Lithium Battery Explosion Proof Strength
  • UL 
Lithium Battery Waterproof Grade
  • IPX
You-required Configuration
  • Styled Case
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Size & Weight 
  • Shock Resistance 
Customization OptionsDetails
Custom Lipo Battery PacksCompared to 18650 batteries, lithium polymer battery packs are lighter and can be made into a thin, flexible shape, making them ideal for use in portable electronic devices.
Custom LiFePO4 Battery PacksRechargeable LiFePO4 batteries are more stable, have a higher energy density, and can be discharged and recharged more times than their counterparts.
Custom 18650 Battery PacksOrder high-quality NiMH 18650 batteries including a higher energy density and a lower self-discharge rate, making them long-lasting power sources.

Benefit From Lithium Battery Energy Storage

Sunly one of the best solar battery storage suppliers in China offers the most efficient energy storage solution to USA, UK, covering off-grid battery storage and bess battery energy storage. We have designed, developed, and manufactured high-quality energy storage systems that are equipped with both ac and dc-coupled batteries, for the best home power backup and energy solution.

Money Saving

Stores your surplus solar power and low-cost electricity from the grid, supplying your home more cost-effectively

Get to net Zero

Unlock 100% clean energy and get sustainable energy transition from your home, lower carbon emissions

Support the grid

renewable energy battery technology help balance the grid and make the most of renewable generation

Environmental - friendly

be available help drive the shift to a circular economy

Home solar system + energy storage system self consumption
uninterrupted power supply
virtual power plant ready
Energy-scarce & disaster-prone regions
Eergy scarce regions

Best battery for your home energy storage systems​

A battery system allows you to go even further by storing surplus solar generation for use at any time, increasing your savings and providing additional backup power in case of a lackout, meeting the needs of a wide range of building types and demand profiles.

structure-of-Residential Energy Storage Solution

Commercial Energy Storage Batteries

Ideal for off grid solar with battery backup. Schools, factories, petrol stations, and other commercial buildings with high levels of energy demand can maximize their energy independence and reduce grid power demand with solar PV and battery storage.

Improve Grid Utilization & Connection

For family, transformer substation, wind farm, pv plants

Backup Power Supply

For communication base station & data center, electric ship

Electricity Demand reduction

industrial & commercial facilities

Backup energy storage system, frequency modulation

Traditional power plants

How it works

Easy OEM Solar Battery Storage

Take a survey location

According to the customer's application scenario, we will provide lithium battery-related solutions or product requirements list.

Estimate your budget cost

After knowing the customer's procurement budget, operating costs, and other costs, we help customers provide the most reasonable lithium battery solution.

Develope your project

We provide whole solutions or specifications within 48 hours, from cell selection, circuit diagram, and structural design, to final product testing.​

Lauch prototype project

Welcome to sample requests, 3-days making samples, 7-days delivery out, and diversified products for customers to choose.

SAFETY is our top priotiry!
Choose well-known battery core brands. We developed our own battery management system (BMS) to achieve intelligent balance, high stability, high-precision detection and other multiple protection
a worker is operating the lithium ion battery making machine

#1 solar battery storage suppliers

The operation of the dual system and the combination of advanced battery testing equipment, Becoming a reliable portable power manufacturer, Sunly has passed the certifications including CE, ISO, ROHS,KC, PSE, TISI, BSMI and approval of many authoritative organizations at home and abroad, including US, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa and more.

Offering best backup power solutions for home
Custom made & built battery packs
Wide powerwall storage capacity options
Competitive solar battery storage system cost
Why Choose us

Why Sunly Home Battery Energy

Work with sunly, you will get stable & safe products every time. You can focus on growing your business all the time.
a worker is operating the lithium ion battery making machine


Intelligently protect the battery, protect overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, overvoltage, temperature, etc. to ensure the safety of products.

Certified battery expert

Integrate three core links of energy storage lithium battery R&D and production, BMS R&D, and system integration.

ODM OEM Battery

The manufacturing capacity fully meets the diversified and individual needs of customers, and the rapid sample preparation.

24/7 Premium Support

Ensure our customers' success and business productivity – whether for on-site assistance, technical, or remote support.

Sourcing home energy storage: Things to Know

Sunly is the top battery manufacturer in China. We offer the world’s highest-quality batteries and panels at competitive prices. At Sunly, we have been dedicated to solving our customer’s problems and making their lives more comfortable. As China’s biggest lithium battery manufacturer, we strive for excellence by delivering outstanding products and services that meet our customers’ expectations.

Costs per kilowatt-hour of battery storage capacity range from $800 to $1,500 at present. The price of a storage system of 5 kilowatt hours (kWh) might go up to $7,500. In the range of $15,000 for a storage system with a capacity of 10 kWh.

You might make money by feeding extra electricity into the National Grid during peak usage periods. Using your battery storage system to aid in grid frequency regulation might potentially earn you money (known as Fast Frequency Response).

The term “renewable battery storage” refers to the technology that stores energy generated from renewable sources like the sun or the wind until it is needed. This environmentally friendly energy option has a lot of potential going for it now, and it’s only expected to grow in importance in the years to come.

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