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lithium ion battery oem service

Empowered by lithium ion battery components and services , Sunly offers oem lithium battery optoins from design to manufacturing.

Customize Your Lithium ion Battery From Start to End

#1: Battery Device/ Application

#2: Cell Selection

#3: Battery Design

#4: Battery Engineering

#5: Battery Manufacturing & Assembly

#6: Battery Quality Inspection

Find Your Lithium ion battery applications & uses

Understanding operational requirements are vital for the right energy storage solution. Sunly will work with you to understand your use environment, including temperature, humidity, shipping and packaging requirements.

Select the Right battery cell Options

Lithium-ion batteries are made by mixing together the components of different chemicals in a process called “electrolysis”. The chemicals are mixed with each other to form a gel that can be shaped into any desired shape. . We offer wide battery chemistry options to match your application.

Lithium Cobalt Oxide Battery(LCO)
Lithium-titanate battery(LTO)
Lithium Manganese Oxide (LMO)

Fulfill your Lithium battery design in every detail

Sunly the best Chinese 18650 battery manufacturer has a tested-and-tried reputation in the battery manufacturing industry, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and experienced teams of engineers, chemists, and builders.

battery management system design

  • bms pcb design
  • bms circuit design
  • bms hardware design
  • battery module design

battery cell design

  • pouch cell battery pack design
  • prismatic cell design
  • tubular battery design
  • cylindrical battery cell design

basic battery design

  • battery pack shapes
  • battery pack dimension
  • battery enclosure design
  • battery casing design
  • battery container design
  • battery package design

battery structure design

  • Lithium Battery Materials
  • Lithium Battery Explosion Proof Strength
  • Lithium Battery Waterproof Grade
  • Battery Configuration

Engineer Your OEM Battery From Start to End

Sunly the best Chinese 18650 battery manufacturer has a tested-and-tried reputation in the battery manufacturing industry, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and experienced teams of engineers, chemists, and builders.

Match proper battery pack units & components

  • Corfirm ideal battery configuration (cell choice, form factor, and special requirements)
  • Providing samples based on the drafted configuration

Fulfill Your Required 18650 Battery Layout

  • Ampere or output
  • mAh output
  • Voltage output
  • Watt output 
  • Charging time
  • Safety systems
  • Weight

Battery Management System Engineering

  • battery pack system use printed circuit boards (PCBs). 
  • implement mechanisms and commands to ensure the safety

Inspect Battery Manufacturing

  • create sample batteries from the configuration and specifications 
  • lithium ion cell dimensions
  • lithium ion cell capacity
  • battery cell packaging


Certified Lithium ion battery production

Sunly energy strictly follows the ISO9001 quality system and the dual quality system process of the national military standard system, and builds a battery testing center, an aging center, and a capacity distribution center for large-scale battery testing equipment in China.
The operation of the dual system and the combination of advanced battery testing equipment, Become a reliable guarantee of “safe battery, rest assured battery”, so Shanli New Energy’s products have passed the certification and approval of many authoritative organizations at home and abroad.
Who we are

oem lithium ion battery Provider Since 2012

Sunly has been deeply involved in the battery solutions network since 2012 and has become the top battery solutions inc for many internationally renowned brands.

The plant covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with a total investment of over 1 billion yuan. It is expected that the daily output will reach 1 million pieces, and the annual output value will exceed 2 billion.

Now this battery solutions inc has cooperated with the battery solutoin llc like lg energy solution battery, CATL, EVE and Lishen, and other partners to focus on the development and application of lithium battery energy storage products, and provide innovative battery solutions for solar and power energy storage.

Battery & Power Storage Solution factory
Renewable Energy

Energy is the future, make it brilliant.

How it works

Our lithium ion battery oem Process

Take a survey location

According to the customer's application scenario, we will provide lithium battery-related solutions or product requirements list.

Estimate your budget cost

After knowing the customer's procurement budget, operating costs, and other costs, we help customers provide the most reasonable lithium battery solution.

Develope your project

We provide whole solutions or specifications within 48 hours, from cell selection, circuit diagram, and structural design, to final product testing.​

Lauch prototype project

Welcome to sample requests, 3-days making samples, 7-days delivery out, and diversified products for customers to choose.

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