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Sourcing best golf cart lithium battery? Work with Sunly one of the best lifepo4 battery manufacturers, you will get a made-in-China tested and certified lithium battery for golf cart based on your voltage options(12V,24V,36V, 72V, and more). 

Recognized as one of the best golf cart battery manufacturers and suppliers, our lithium battery for golf cart has the same quality and standard as brands like trojan, roypow, allied,samsung lithium golf cart battery.

Sunly has dramatically contributed to the advancement of lithium golf cart batteries in the global market. Sunly lithium golf cart batteries are uniquely competitive and are customized to meet customers’ needs and requirements, with the best lithium battery for golf cart prices

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Lithium Golf Cart Batteries in Supplies

Available in golf cart batteries wholesale and OEM services, Sunly as one of the best golf cart battery manufacturers supply golf cart batteries made from lithium ions in different voltages for clients worldwide at lithium golf cart batteries cost.

Becoming one of the best golf cart battery manufacturers, Sunly lithium battery for golf cart has passed certifications including CE, ISO, ROHS, KC, PSE, TISI, BSMI, and approval of many authoritative organizations at home and abroad, including US, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa and more. 

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12 volt lithium golf cart battery

Sunly as a 12v lithium-ion battery manufacturer designs lifepo4 golf cart battery based on customers’ requirements and specifications, including the capacities like 100ah, 200ah, 24ah, 18ah, 200 ah

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24v lithium battery for golf buggy

A 24V battery holds a voltage of around 26.6-29.2V when fully charged.

Sunly as a 24v LFP cell manufacturer designs custom lifepo4 battery packs based on customers’ requirements and specifications, including the capacities like 100ah, 200ah, 50ah, 300ah, 30ah, 10ah, 40ah, 120ah, 150ah, 80ah, 180ah, 18ah

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48v lithium golf cart battery

Sunly as a 48V LFP cell manufacturer designs custom 48 volt lithium golf cart batteries based on customers’ specifications, reaching the quality as the brands roypow, relion,  allied battery, including the capacities like 105ah, 160ah, 30ah and more

Replace lead acid battery with lithium battery for golf cart

Why replace lead acid batteries with lithium-ion? Sunly lifepo4 golf cart battery uses electrochemical materials such as aluminum, cobalt, copper, carbon, etc., as its anode or cathode electrode to design lithium battery for golf cart, such as lifepo4 solar battery solutions, regarding voltage level, lifetime, SOC, and safety.

A three times of lifespan from lithium battery for golf cart
10 times of self-discharge rate from lithium battery for golf cart
charge 100% much faster from lithium battery for golf cart
Overheating prevention from lithium battery for golf cart

Why Sunly lithium battery for golf cart is the best


lifepo4 golf cart battery is more stable at high temperatures and non-combustible even when mishandled. lifepo4 golf cart battery safety lies in its less toxic nature also mitigates its risk of accidental poisoning, allergic reactions, and medical hazard.

Fast Charging

lifepo4 golf cart battery charge faster at a rate of 1C (up to 1 hour). It would help if you charged your lifepo4 golf cart battery when discharged up to 80% DOD (20% SOC) or immediately after use.

High-temperature Tolerant

lifepo4 golf cart battery can tolerate a temperature range from 5 to 45 degrees Celsius. Anything below 5 degrees celsius affects its charging rate, but it does not decompose at high temperatures.

More Lightweight

A typical lifepo4 golf cart battery is 50% lighter than a lead acid battery of the same capacity and can be used without any problem due to this feature.


lifepo4 golf cart battery have a lifespan of at least ten years. It lasts about 5000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge which is longer than other lead acid batteries.

Environmentally Friendly

lifepo4 golf cart battery are built with non-toxic materials such as copper, iron, graphite, etc. It comprise phosphate salts rather than metal oxides which have a lower risk of contaminating the environment.

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Sunly as one of the best golf cart battery manufacturers produces lithium battery for golf cart based on worldwide clients’ needs in their business needs. The factory strictly follows the ISO9001 quality system and the dual quality system process of the national military standard system. 

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We have served major brands all over the world, including ezgo elite golf cart, club car lithium batteries,  . You can guarantee that we can deliver the same quality of service and more to you!

Sourcing lithium battery for golf cart : Things to Know

While both battery types fall under the category of lithium-based batteries, the difference is in their performance. Custom lithium ion batteries have a higher energy density of 100 Wh/kg to 265 Wh/kg, while LiFePO4 batteries have a density of 90-165 Wh/Kg. Even with this difference, LiFePO4 batteries are still considered better than lithium-ion because of their stable chemical and thermal property, long lifespan, low cost, portability, lightweight, etc. For more info check our guide what is lifepo4 battery

The largest market for LFP batteries is the Asia Pacific. Most of its major players in the industry are China-based: Sunly, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.Ltd (CATL), BYD Company Ltd, Eve, Talco Batteries, Higee LiFePO4 Battery, etc. 

Sunly Power is a rechargeable battery pack manufacturer with a factory and wholesale business in China. The company relies on other partners to focus on developing and applying lithium battery energy storage products.

The lithium ion battery brands in the market is CATL, with an extended market share ranging from 32% in 2021 to 34% in 2022. The Chinese-based company manufactures one-third of the world’s EV batteries. Other brands in the industry are;

  • EVE Energy Co., Ltd (also manufactures EV cells) 
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • BYD Co., Ltd
  • Envision AESC
  • Fariss Energy
  • LG Chem Ltd
  • Northvolt
  • SK Innovation Co., Ltd
  • Samsung SDI Co., Ltd

Are you searching for Top Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Manufacturers ? Sunly is the best brand. Our Sunly Battery has been deeply involved in the lithium battery industry for many years, and we are the designated supplier of several internationally renowned brands. Our 12v 200Ah and 100Ah are the best ones, having features such as; nominal voltage (12.8v), energy (2560Wh), cycle life (2000 @0.2C charging/discharging), etc.

China is one of the largest and leading producers of lithium batteries. Presently, over 90% of the world’s LiFePO4 battery cell manufacturing capacity is situated in China. LFP battery manufacturers in China produce high-quality products at the best prices that are tested, certified, and in line with global standards.

Being a lithium iron phosphate disadvantages, the batteries are more expensive on the front end. They cost more upfront than other battery types because the materials used in their buildup are costly. However, they have a long lifespan when it is compared to AGM batteries. According to research, the cost of the LiFePO4 battery pack in 2021 is $137 per kWh against $140 per kWh in 2020.

Just as the suggestion on the best place to buy 18650 battery packs, you can buy LiFePO4 batteries from several stores online. Alibaba.com offers a wide range of LiFePO4 batteries at great wholesale prices. Amazon.com also offers excellent prices. For customers seeking offline vendors and suppliers, Sunly offers the best price for LiFePO4 battery in various voltages, such as; 12v 200Ah, 12v 100Ah, 50v 48Ah, etc.

The price of a LiFePO4 battery 12v 100Ah is US$ 200-345 / Piece. The prices vary depending on suppliers, customs duties, shipping costs, etc.

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