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Sunly as a medical batteries supplier offers lithium batteries for medical applications. We are a medical battery manufacturer with wholesale and OEM service. Our batteries for medical devices and equipment are uniquely competitive and are customized to meet medical needs.

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Lithium battery for medical

Sunly as one of the reliable medical device battery manufacturers supplies medical batteries based on customers’ applications, for cpap machine, backup and other devices, equipment, medical applications, with 12v lithium-ion batteries options and more.

18650 11.1V 2.2Ah battery pack

18650 14.8V 2.5Ah battery pack

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Sunly as a certified lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers delivers custom rechargeable battery pack services that fit customers’ custom lifepo4 battery packs, helping you build your own lithium battery packs no matter which country you’re in. 

Customization OptionsDetails
BMS Functions
  • Communication Protocol (SMBus, CAN)

  • Communication Protection

  • SOC Indicator

  • Current Detection

  • Abnormal Log

  • Self-Inspection

  • Using Time Record

Charge Management Options
  • Charging Over-Voltage Protection
  • Charging Over-Current Protection
  • Charging Over-Temperature Alarm/Protection
  • Charging Low-Temperature Alarm/Protection
  • Abnormal Voltage Gap Warning
  • Charging Short Circuit Alarm/Protection
  • Self-Balancing
Discharge Management
  • Discharging Over-Current Protection
  • Discharging Under-Voltage Protection
  • Battery No-Load Protection
  • Discharging Short Circuit Alarm/Protection
  • Discharging Over-temperature Alarm/Protection
  • Discharge Low-Temperature Alarm/Protection
Other Functions
  • Self-Heating Technology for Low Temperature
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption
  • Reverse Connection Protection
  • Self-Discharging in Fully Charged Storage
Customization OptionsDetails
Lithium Battery Shapes
  • Round lithium battery
  • Curved lithium battery
  • Thin lithium battery
Lithium Battery dimension
  • Customizable 
Lithium Battery Configuration
  • battery voltage
  • battery capacity
  • battery current rating
  • battery temperature
  • battery energy density
Performance Certification & Standard
  • GB/T182287
  • UL
  • CE
  • RO
  • UN38
  • MS
  • FCC
  • KC
Customization OptionsDetails
Lithium Battery Materials
  • PC
  • ABS+P
  • ABS
Lithium Battery Explosion Proof Strength
  • UL 
Lithium Battery Waterproof Grade
  • IPX
You-required Configuration
  • Styled Case
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Size & Weight 
  • Shock Resistance 
Customization OptionsDetails
Custom Lipo Battery PacksCompared to 18650 batteries, lithium polymer battery packs are lighter and can be made into a thin, flexible shape, making them ideal for use in portable electronic devices.
Custom LiFePO4 Battery PacksRechargeable LiFePO4 batteries are more stable, have a higher energy density, and can be discharged and recharged more times than their counterparts.
Custom 18650 Battery PacksOrder high-quality NiMH 18650 batteries including a higher energy density and a lower self-discharge rate, making them long-lasting power sources.

Reliable lithium batteries for medical applications

Sunly a trustful medical batteries supplier uses electrochemical materials such as aluminum, cobalt, copper, carbon, etc., as its anode or cathode electrode to manufacture medical batteries for backup and applications

Wide medical lithium batteries chemistryoptions

To help medical clients choose the right battery chemistry for their battery-powered device, Sunly as the best medical battery manufacturers innovate its battery technology and manufacturing capabilities in medical-grade battery backup.

Custom Lithium-Ion Battery

Custom lipo battery

Custom 18650 battery pack

Custom nimh battery pack

Custom Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Custom Lithium Battery Packs

Custom Lithium-Manganese Dioxide Battery Packs

Custom Nickel Cadmium Battery Packs

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Recognized as one of the best medical device battery manufacturers, Sunly’s batteries for medical devices have passed the certifications including CE, ISO, ROHS,KC, PSE, TISI, BSMI and approval of many authoritative organizations at home and abroad, including US, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa and more.

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