Keep Food Fresh With a Portable Power Station for Refrigerator

Tired of throwing out spoiled food? Get a portable power station today to keep your food fresh and delicious for longer.

If you are looking for a great way to keep your food fresh for longer, then you need to consider investing in a portable power station for your refrigerator. Sunly is your #1 option. Portable power station for refrigerators is designed to provide consistent and reliable cooling to keep your food fresher for a longer period of time. Find the Right portable power station below.

Why You Need a Portable Power Station for Refrigerator


A portable power station is easy to move around, making it an excellent choice for powering a fridge in different locations.


A portable power station can power a fridge and other appliances at the same time. It comes with multiple output ports and can charge multiple devices at once.


A portable power station is a reliable source of power in the event of a power outage or when camping or travelling. It can power a fridge for several hours, ensuring your food stays fresh.


A Portable Power Station is a cost-effective option for powering a fridge. It eliminates the need for a generator, which can be expensive to buy and maintain.

Where to Buy a Portable Power Station for Refrigerator

You can buy a portable power station for a fridge from various online and offline stores. Some of the popular online stores for buying a portable power station include Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart. You can also check out camping, outdoor and electronics stores in your area.

Best Place to Buy a Portable Power Station for Refrigerator: Here in Sunly

When it comes to purchasing a portable power station for a refrigerator, Sunly is the best place to buy. Here are some reasons why:

Wide Selection

Sunly offers a wide selection of portable power stations, from different brands and with various features.


Sunly's team of experts can help you choose the right portable power station for your refrigerator needs.


Sunly offers affordable prices on all its portable power stations.


Sunly offers a warranty on all its portable power stations, giving you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Benefit From Sunly China Portable Power Station for Refrigerator

Portable power station for Refrigerator, also called a portable power storage unit, portable power bank, or portable energy storage system, is the latest solution for portable energy storage and power backup. Be you a portable power station for Refrigerator wholesaler, energy storage business contractor or end users, take advantage of Sunly china’s portable power station for Refrigerator, it supplies the optimal portable tool charging stations made with lithium batteries for home power backup and solar energy storage. They can keep all the electrical gears charged as a portable power storage unit.


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Portable Power Stations for Refrigerator in Supplies

Sunly as an energy storage manufacturer supplies a wide range of portable solar power stations for Refrigerator of various voltage options, for wholesalers, dealers, project contractors & end users. 

Best Portable Power Station for Refrigerator From Sunly

When Looking for the Best Portable Power Station for Refrigerator, it is Important to Consider the Following Features:

Battery capacity

Battery capacity determines how long the power station can run your fridge. Look for a power station with a high capacity battery.

Number and type of output ports

The number and type of output ports determine the number of devices you can charge at one time and the types of devices you can charge. Look for a power station with several output ports and different types of ports.

Recharge time

The charge time determines how quickly you can recharge the power station's battery. Look for a power station with a fast recharge time.

Durability and portability

A portable power unit should be durable and portable. Look for one that is made of high quality materials and is easy to carry.

Additional features

Look for extra features such as built-in lights, USB-C ports and solar charging options.

Customizable Best Portable Power Station for Refrigerator Specifications

Either OEM or ODM portable power station for Emergency service, No MOQ required in Sunly this portable power station for Emergency factory. When asking for inquiries, you will get a Sunly portable power stations for Emergency spec datasheet that includes power, capacity, input, and output voltage, cycle life, charging modes, options, and more, to help you better choose a right portable tool charging station

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Your reliable portable power station for Refrigerator Supplier

Recognized as a certified portable power station manufacturer, Sunly has passed the certifications including CE, ISO, ROHS,KC, PSE, TISI, BSMI and approval of many authoritative organizations at home and abroad, including US, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa and more.

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Portable Power Station for Refrigerator: Things to Know

Small Fridge with food

A typical household fridge uses between 100 and 800 watts, but it’s important to check the specific wattage of your fridge. A refrigerator uses 100–400 watts. Refrigerator power usage relies on size, age, and energy efficiency rating. Check the appliance’s energy usage sign or manual for its power needs.

Yes, a portable power station can power a refrigerator, provided that the power station has sufficient capacity to meet the refrigerator’s energy requirements. To determine whether a portable power station can power your refrigerator, you need to consider two main factors:

1. Wattage: Check the wattage of your refrigerator, which is usually listed on a label or in the owner’s manual. A typical household fridge uses around 100-800 watts. Make sure that the portable power unit you choose has a continuous output that is equal to or greater than the wattage of your fridge.

2. Battery capacity: The battery capacity of the portable power station, measured in watt-hours (Wh), determines how long it can power your fridge. To estimate the run time, divide the battery capacity of the power station by the wattage of the fridge. For example, if your fridge uses 200 watts and the Power Station has a 1000Wh battery, it can theoretically run the fridge for about 5 hours (1000Wh / 200W = 5 hours).

Note that these calculations are approximate and actual performance may vary due to factors such as fluctuations in power consumption and energy efficiency.

Sunly SL600 Portable Power Station

To power a portable refrigerator using a power station, follow these steps

1. Check compatibility: Ensure that the power station has sufficient wattage and battery capacity to meet the power requirements of your portable refrigerator. Check the manual or label on the fridge for its wattage and compare it with the continuous output capacity of the power station.

2. Charge the Power Station: Before using the Power Station, make sure it is fully charged. Connect it to a power source, such as a wall socket or solar panels if it has a solar charging option. Charging times may vary depending on the battery capacity of the Power Station and the charging method.

3. Switch off the fridge: Before connecting to the Power Station, ensure that the portable fridge is switched off to avoid any possible power surges when connecting.

4. Connect the fridge: Locate the appropriate outlet on the Power Station that matches the refrigerator’s power cord. Most portable refrigerators use AC power, so look for an AC socket on the Power Station. Plug the refrigerator’s power cord into the Power Station’s AC outlet.

5. Switch on the appliances: First, turn on the power station, usually by pressing a power button or turning it on. Then switch on the portable fridge and set the desired temperature.

6. Monitor power consumption: Keep an eye on the power station’s battery level while you’re using it to make sure it doesn’t run out of power unexpectedly. Some power stations have built-in displays or smartphone apps that provide real-time information on battery capacity and usage.

Woman with tow raise arms showing hesitation between items

Considerations for selecting a portable power station for a refrigerator include power output, battery size, charging time, portability, and extra features. When choosing a power station for use outdoors or while traveling, it is crucial that it has enough wattage production and battery capacity to know how long will a portable power station for refrigerator last.

Sunly Power manufactures portable power stations that can operate refrigerators. From our website, you can purchase a transportable electricity source for your refrigerator. Contact us right away.

Sunly Power manufactures portable power stations that can operate refrigerators. From our website, you can purchase a transportable electricity source for your refrigerator. Contact us right away


Sunly Model SL1200 Portable Power Station

The best portable power station for portable fridge will be determined by your refrigerator’s specific power requirements and intended use. However, the following are some of the best portable power stations for running a refrigerator:

  • Sunny’s SL 1200 Portable Power Station
  • Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station
  • Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station
  • EcoFlow Delta 1300 Portable Power Station
  • MAXOAK Bluetti EB150 Portable Power Station

Check our reviews on finding the best power station for refrigerator to learn more.

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Building a DIY portable power station to run a fridge requires some electrical components and a basic understanding of electrical systems. Here’s a step-by-step guide to building a DIY portable power station:

1. Determine your power requirements: Check the wattage of your fridge and estimate the run time you need. This information will help you choose the right battery capacity and inverter size.

2. Gather the components:
a. Battery: Select a deep-cycle battery, such as a 12V AGM or lithium-ion battery, with sufficient capacity (measured in amp-hours, Ah) to run your fridge for the desired run time. The higher the battery capacity, the longer the run time.
b. Inverter: Choose a pure sine wave inverter with a continuous output power equal to or greater than the wattage of the refrigerator. The inverter converts the battery’s DC power into the AC power that most refrigerators use.
c. Charge controller: If you’re planning to charge the battery using solar panels, you’ll need a solar charge controller to regulate the charging process and protect the battery from overcharging.
d. Solar panels (optional): If you want a solar charging option, select solar panels with sufficient wattage to charge the battery.
e. Cables, connectors and fuses: You’ll need appropriate cables, plugs and fuses to connect the components safely.

3. Connect the components:
a. Connect the battery to the inverter using appropriately sized cables and connectors. Make sure the polarity is correct (positive to positive, negative to negative). For safety, install a fuse on the positive cable near the battery.
b. If using solar panels, connect them to the solar charge controller according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then connect the regulator to the battery using suitable cables and connectors. Fit fuses on the positive cables as required.

4. Test the system:
a. Switch on the inverter and check that it’s delivering AC output. Use a multimeter to check the output voltage.
b. Connect your refrigerator to the AC output of the inverter and switch it on. Monitor the system to make sure it’s working properly.

5. Enclose the components: For safety and portability, consider placing the components in a sturdy, well-ventilated enclosure.

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