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Wireless Devices Battery

Custom Wireless Devices Battery A wireless device's battery can greatly enhance your device's performance and overall user experience. A specialized battery tailored to your application can provide longer life, faster charging, and improved safety features. Investing in a custom wireless device battery can provide significant benefits and improve the functionality of your device

Get Wireless Devices Battery Manufactured From China

18650 battery pack design

18650 24V 30Ah li-ion battery pack

What is a Wireless Devices Battery

A Wireless Devices Battery is a rechargeable battery used to power wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics. Sunly is a leading manufacturer of lithium rechargeable battery pack products in China, with a wide range of products including lithium-ion polymer batteries, lithium batteries, rechargeable 18650 batteries, and lifepo4 rechargeable batteries. 

Established in 2007, Sunly has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing lithium battery products and is committed to upholding a zero-tolerance policy for quality problems and providing an 8-hour fast response to any customer issues. We are dedicated to providing customized charging battery solutions that are both competitive and environmentally friendly, and we welcome global customers and partners to join us in building a greener future. Our customized rechargeable battery products are widely used in various industries, including consumer electronics, communications, military, medical, financial, security, and more.

Why choose Sunly Wireless Devices Battery

Sunly provides Wireless Devices Battery with higher operating voltage, which ensures the efficient performance of your devices.

The batteries offered by Sunly are smaller in size and lighter in weight, which makes them easy to carry and handle.

With higher energy density, Sunly's Wireless Devices Battery can last longer than other batteries available in the market.

Sunly's Wireless Devices Battery has a lower self-discharge rate, which means it can retain its charge for a longer period of time.

The longer cycle life of Sunly's Wireless Devices Batteries allows them to be recharged multiple times without losing their efficiency.

Sunly's Wireless Devices Battery has no memory effect, which means they do not need to be fully discharged before recharging, unlike other batteries.

The production process of Sunly's Wireless Devices Battery does not cause any pollution, making them an eco-friendly choice for customers.

a worker is operating the lithium ion battery making machine

Your Professional Wireless Devices Battery Manufacturer

At SunlyPower, we specialize in manufacturing professional wireless device batteries for various consumer electronics. With our vast skills and advanced technologies, we deliver high-quality and high-performance batteries to telecommunications providers or IT services companies.

Our custom solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and help you enhance your end-users experiences. Our low prices and reliable delivery ensure the satisfaction of your customers with top-notch batteries.

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prismatic cell manufacturing
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Fulfill your battery pack design in every detail

Sunly the best Chinese 18650 battery manufacturer has a tested-and-tried reputation in the battery manufacturing industry, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and experienced teams of engineers, chemists, and builders.

battery cell design

  • pouch cell battery pack design
  • prismatic cell design
  • tubular battery design
  • cylindrical battery cell design

battery management system design

  • bms pcb design
  • bms circuit design
  • bms hardware design
  • battery module design

basic battery design

  • battery pack shapes
  • battery pack dimension
  • battery enclosure design
  • battery casing design
  • battery container design
  • battery package design

battery structure design

  • Lithium Battery Materials
  • Lithium Battery Explosion Proof Strength
  • Lithium Battery Waterproof Grade
  • Battery Configuration

lithium ion battery structure Design

Selecting the right cell brands is vital for achieving the desired operational profile. By working with the certified brands that meet our criterion, including GB18287-2000, CE, UL, ROHS, UN38.3, MSDS, CQC, FCC, KC. Sunly qualifies the battery cells in our test labs to confirm that they perform according to customers’ battery design requirements. 

Battery Materials


Appearance Requirement

Specular Highlight , Texture

Battery Materials

UL-94V0, 94V1, 94V2

Battery Waterproof Ratings

From IPX1 to 9

Design Battery Management System

Empowered by an overcharge protection circuit, bms functioned for battery protection, SOC and SOH calculation, and cell balancing can be fulfilled flexibly in Sunly custom battery design configuration.

DC-DC+Basic Protection Option

DC-DC Input and outpu, with Basic Protection:

battery bms architecture options

I2C(SCL、SDL), HDQ, SMBUS, Fuses, Balancers, BLE and more

battery bms technologies

RS232, RS485, UART, CAN communication protocol

BMS Protection Voltage Range

Over-charge Protection Voltage, Over-discharge Protection Voltage, Over-current Protection Voltage

Branded Battery Cells Suppliers We Work With

Selecting the right cell brands is vital for achieving the desired operational profile. By working with the certified brands that meet our criterion, including GB18287-2000, CE, UL, ROHS, UN38.3, MSDS, CQC, FCC, KC. Sunly qualifies the battery cells in our test labs to confirm that they perform according to customers’ battery design requirements. 

Sourcing sunly wireless devices: Things to Know

The range of voltage for a wireless device’s battery can vary depending on the specific battery model and device. However, Sunly offers a wide range of wireless device batteries with different voltage options to fit different devices’ needs.

Yes, Sunly provides custom battery pack solutions for wireless devices according to customer specifications and requirements.

Wireless devices batteries are used to power various devices that rely on wireless technology, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, wireless headphones, and other wearable devices.

The lifespan of a wireless device battery pack can vary depending on factors such as usage, charging habits, and environmental conditions. However, Sunly’s wireless device batteries are designed to have a longer cycle life and lower self-discharge, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Sunly utilizes advanced manufacturing processes and technologies, as well as strict quality control measures, to produce high-quality wireless device batteries at a lower cost. Additionally, Sunly has a global supply chain network that helps to reduce production costs and, ultimately, the price of the final product.

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