Who makes duracell car batteries? Duracell Car Battery Reviews 2023

Duracell car battery
Duracell car battery

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What are duracell batteries?

The name Duracell is synonymous with maximum strength under pressure, maximum durability, and ongoing product improvement. According to Wikipedia, the origin of this American manufacturer of batteries, rechargeables, and smart power systems can be traced back in the 1920s.

When did duracell car batteries come out?

The inventive scientist Samuel Ruben and the innovative manufacturer of tungsten filament wire, Philip Rogers Mallory, founded the Duracell Automative Batteries in the early 1920s.

Is a duracell car battery a good battery?

duracell car battery
duracell car battery

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Because of its inherent longevity, it is the ideal and reliable car battery brand for harsh situations. Ordinary batteries can fail when it’s too hot or too cold outside, but Duracell car batteries deliver optimal starting power and a longer battery life.

What is the best duracell car batteries?

best duracell car battery
best duracell car battery

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To know which Duracell car battery is the best, here is a summarized review of the Duracell 51r Car battery. A lot of experts approve with the performance of this model because it has a long life span and great cold cranking scores. This makes it durable in all types of climate and can guarantee a long-lasting performance. Furthermore, its manufacturing system has a high involvement of computer-controlled mechanism. This reduces likelihood of human-errors and defects on products.

What do reviewers say about duracell car batteries?

According to this reddit thread, Duracell car batteries are so well-performing, warranties are hardly used. Another reddit thread believes that Duracell is one of the most top-performing car batteries consumers can rely on.
On Sam’s Club, Duracell Automative Battery Group Size 35 Model #735MF garnered a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most reviews were impressed by its long lifespan and durable performance whether you’re in hot or cold climate.
More reviews from Garage Detective proved the good performance of Duracell automotive batteries. According to them, client satisfaction is guaranteed because of their high-quality products and great after-service.

Are there duracell car battery problems?

duracell car battery problems
duracell car battery problems

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Charging issue

A symptom of a charging issue is when the battery discharges in a short period of time. Charge the battery completely with an external charger (voltage limited to approximately 14.8V) and test the voltage after at least 5 hours of standing time. This issue is common with old car batteries.

Deep battery discharge

When the cell voltage falls significantly below the cut-off voltage, this is referred to as deep battery discharge. This occurrence does not pose any safety concerns in and of itself. However, it gradually degrades the cell’s performance, which can cause the battery to bulge under certain conditions.

Strong cyclization

Your battery may have issues due to strong cyclization brought on by many charging cycles and severe discharges. To avoid this issue, you should therefore pay attention to the capacity and specifications of your battery.

What is the duracell car battery warranty?

For a period of 2–5 years (the warranty period varies depending on the product type; consult your product manual for exact details) following the initial date of purchase, the DURACELL® product is covered by a limited warranty against flaws in material and workmanship.
However, this warranty is not transferable if the automotive battery is sold to someone else. The dated sales receipt must be kept by the buyer since it will be needed for any warranty or service claims as proof of proof and date of purchase. The product must have been handled and used in accordance with the guidelines in the instructions that come with the warranty in order for the it to remain in effect. The warranty does not apply to damage brought on by usage, abuse, carelessness, force majeure, improper installation, inappropriate storage, unauthorized repairs, modifications, or normal wear and tear.

How to find duracell car battery manufacture date code?

To know where the date code label follow these steps below:

  • Open the hood of your car
  • Locate the car battery
  • Locate the date code label on the case. The date code label is usually attached to the case of your car battery by a heat stamp. It may also consist of a text of numbers and characters.
  • Usually, the date code can be found either on the front, back, or side of the car battery case.
  • For duracell car batteries, date code labels are in the pattern of Month-Date-Year

Duracell car batteries vs others battery brands

Are you interested to know more about the difference of Duracell car battery vs. other automotive battery brands? If yes, then here are comparisons.

Duracell vs. Everstart car battery

EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automative Battery
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automative Battery

Source: Ubuy Philippines

EverStart batteries are produced by Johnson Controls. These are long-lasting, high-quality, and require little care. AGM and lead acid batteries are both available in the EverStart line. The reserve capacity of the Everstart Maxx is 100 minutes, compared to the Duracell Platinum’s 120 minutes. The Everstart Max battery won’t last as long as the Duracell Platinum battery.

Duracell vs Diehard car battery

DieHard Platinum AGM Battery
DieHard Platinum AGM Battery

Source: AutoWeek

Automotive batteries under the DieHard brand are owned by Advance Auto Parts and available only in Advance, Carquest, and Sears stores. In December 2019, Advance acquired the DieHard brand from Sears. Unlike Duracell, This DieHard features 115 minutes of reserve time and a cold-cranking amp rating of 740.

Types of Duracell Car Batteries

The types of Duracell Car Batteries are the following: Duracell Starter, Duracell Extreme, and Duracell Advanced. These types can fit vehicles such as passenger cars, vans, motor boats, etc.
Duracell Starter Car Batteries
There are twelve models of Duracell Starter Car Batteries and these are:

  • DS 44
  • DS 45
  • DS 45H
  • DS 45L
  • DS 55
  • DS 60
  • DS 62
  • DS 70
  • DS 72
  • DS 72L
  • DS 88
  • DS 95

Its capacity range is around 44 Ah up to 95 Ah. It can fit passenger cars and vans. Duracell Starter is the best option in this regard because it offers dependable power for each engine start, complete maintenance freedom thanks to cutting-edge full calcium technology, and the highest levels of safety.

  • Its cover shields it from spills.
  • There are no very strong tremors.
  • Low to no maintenance is needed
  • Affordable


  • If compared to more expensive solutions, it could appear to be less powerful.

Duracell Extreme Car Batteries

There are six models of Duracell Extreme Car Batteries and these are:

  • DE 105 AGM
  • DE 50 AGM
  • DE 60 AGM
  • DE 70 AGM
  • DE 80 AGM
  • DE 92 AGM

The capacity of Duracell Extreme Car Batteries is around 50 Ah up to 105 Ah. The car models that this type can fit are passenger cars, electric cars, start-stop autos, taxis, offroad vehicles, construction machinery, and motor boats.

The Duracell Extreme is designed for use in stop-start vehicles that are environmentally friendly. The EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) is mostly utilized in medium, small, and light commercial vehicles (LCV) that only have basic stop-start features.

  • Excellent grid layout for longer durability
  • No maintenance needed
  • Lowest gassing in places with little
  • Its cover shields it from spills.


  • It seems to be quite costly.

Duracell Advanced Car Batteries

There are twenty-four models of Duracell Advanced Car Batteries and these are:

  • DA 100
  • DA 110
  • DA 40
  • DA 40B
  • DA 40L
  • DA 42
  • DA 44
  • DA 45
  • DA 45L
  • DA 50
  • DA 60
  • DA 60L
  • DA 60T
  • DA 62H
  • DA 63H
  • DA 70
  • DA 70L
  • DA 72
  • DA 74
  • DA 77H
  • DA 80
  • DA 95
  • DA 95H
  • DA 95L

The capacity of Duracell Advanced Car Batteries is around 40 Ah up to 110 Ah. The car models that this type can fit are passenger cars, vans, taxis, and motorboats.

This power source satisfies the strictest requirements set by top automakers, making it the perfect battery for contemporary vehicles. Its design blends double-lid construction for the highest level of safety with complete calcium technology for better starting power.


  • Impressive cranking performance
  • Consists of twenty-four options
  • Superior defense against vibrations
  • Keeps acid from spilling


  • When applied to the skin, its acid solution can result in burns.

How long do duracell car batteries last?

It’s typical for charged Duracell batteries to last the entire year without needing to be recharged (at 20°C). These batteries provide greater value for the money because they are quite powerful and effectively fulfill their functions for a long time.

The manufacturers also offer a good warranty on these batteries, demonstrating their lengthy lifespan when compared to most competitor brands. Little to no maintenance is needed for Duracell batteries. Find out the warranty period of each battery type on the table below.

Battery Type Warranty period
Duracell Starter Up to 3 years
Duracell Extreme 4 years
Duracell Advanced From 4 to 5 years

How much do duracell batteries cost?

Affordable solutions are available from Duracell automotive battery companies for car owners. A Duracell vehicle battery can cost anywhere from $53 and $120, depending on the product type and the auto component store selling them.

Battery Type Price Range
Duracell Starter $62.91-$86.57
Duracell Extreme $174.91-$196.04
Duracell Advanced $108.30-$113.58

Where to buy Duracell car battery?

If you’re interested in purchasing Duracell car batteries, check out offers in Sam’s Club. They are offering top-notch shipping, installation, and technical support services. For another option, Walmart is one more location to purchase automobile batteries.

Duracell car batteries size options?

To know which Duracell car battery fits your car, find the your car battery’s group size. The battery section of your owner’s manual or the group size label on the top or side of the battery will both tell you what size battery is in your automobile.

Car battery size guide
Car battery size guide

Source: Hot Core

Standard Duracell car batteries

Battery group sizes 24, 24F, 25, 34, 35, 51, 51R, 52, 58, 58R, 59, and 65 are often the most popular ones. This size category serves as the industry standard for many American automobiles. Batteries in this grouping tend to be compatible with automobiles made by Honda, Nissan, Lexus, Acura, Toyota, and Infiniti, while size 35 is appropriate for more modern Subaru, Nissan, and Toyota models.

Side Post Duracell car batteries

Typical sizes like 75, 78, 74, and 70 that are compatible with compact and mid-size automobiles are included in this set of battery sizes (and some Chrysler models). The SLI78 Duracell Ultra BCI Truck and Car Battery, DA74 Duracell Advanced Battery, and Duracell AGM Extreme DE70 Car Battery are a few Duracell battery models that frequently show up in this group.

Top Post Duracell car batteries

Within this category, the most common group sizes are 49, 48, 47, 41, and 42. Most Buick vehicles as well as those from Fiat, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Jeep, GMC, Volvo, and Volkswagen appear to be compatible with these battery sizes. The DA42 Advanced Duracell Car Battery, the Duracell Ultra Gold BCI 49 Battery, and the Duracell BCI Ultra Platinum Group 48 Car Battery are a few Duracell choices.

Who makes duracell car batteries and where are duracell car batteries manufactured?

Duracell automobile batteries are made in the US state of Pennsylvania. East Penn is the company that makes batteries for Duracell. It is a reputable company that has been manufacturing lead-acid batteries and other automobile components for decades, as well as for the telecommunications, UPS, commercial, marine, and motive power markets.
Furthermore, Samuel Ruben, an equipment scientist, and Philip Rogers Mallory created the Duracell vehicle batteries. Duracell International, a company that specializes in making mercury cells and alkaline manganese batteries, was born out of this remarkable alliance.

Recommended duracell car battery manufacturer(30-50WC)

Sunny(https://sunlypower.com/ ) is the company that currently owns and produces Duracell batteries. Duracell appears to be one of the greatest automobile batteries out of all those on the market. These batteries stand out thanks to their exceptional leak-free construction and superb cold-cranking qualities.


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